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The Panic Grid

2013-07-12 00:00:00 | English
The Panic Grid screenshot
The Panic Grid is an ever changing grid of colored tiles. Every time the countdown ticks, some of the tiles change their color. Remove all tiles before the countdown hits zero.

The game offers two playing modes; Standard and Random. Standard lets you play the pre-designed grids (the game comes with 50 pre-designed grids, more may come with future updates), whereas Random gives you random grids.
You gain experience and levels by removing tiles and with higher levels you may gain better bonuses to aid you in your struggle to remove the tiles.

The game is free and offers only one in-app purchase: the possibility to remove the ad-banner. There are no additional in-app purchases that you must buy to actually play the game. I don't like that :)
This was my first attempt at writing a HTML 5 game. The game uses the HTML DOM as base structural base and animations are done with jQuery UI. The design is simple but I managed to integrate store features in it as well. I have so far ended up with very little financial return for this product but I'm blaming Windows Store for that.
This worked as an example for myself on how to release a game in a store environment and promote it. I did get some good feedback in a review over at Techulator and later on also at Windows 8 Review (see links below).