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2014-12-28 12:43:13 | English
Kludd screenshot

Kludd is a 'match-the-tiles'-puzzle game in which you can improve your skills to remove tiles by building up a Character with traits and benefits to help you.
Every game you finish adds experience to your Character and gives you traits to help you get better. Combine your own skills with your Characters to fight either your facebook friends or your own private highscore records!

In-game bonuses such as the ability to remove all tiles of a certain color or double up your experience can significantly change your game and help you reach further than your friends!

There are *NO* in-app purchases available and the game is free. If you like the game I would, however, very much appreciate a good rating :)
This is my first HTML5-game for android. It is running using the Crosswalk web runtime and I've assembled it using the Intel XDK.

It is available at Google Play!